UNC Asheville Office of Academic Accessibility

Please select a service to make a booking.

Pick Up Letters of Accommodation (LOA's)

I have received Letters of Accommodation (LOA’s) before and would like to pick-up updated LOA’s for the current semester.

(30 minutes)

General Information or Questions

I am a student interested in learning more about the office and/or finding out more about requesting accommodations.

(30 minutes)

I am going to be a Note Taker

I have agreed to be a Note Taker for a student who is working with the OAA and need to complete the required paperwork.

(30 minutes)

Discuss a concern or problem with my accommodations

I am a student currently registered with the office and need to discuss a concern related to my accommodations or make a change to my accommodations.

(30 minutes)


Please indicate in the “Notes” section what you would like to discuss during your visit to our office.

(30 minutes)